Eco-friendly homes that respect the environment and improve quality of life.

House Natural

Your turnkey home

House Natural has its own highly specialised workers, able to carry out all the different stages of the work. We take care of the design, construction and provide administrative assistance, so as to deliver a turnkey property, ready for use.

Eco-sustainable construction

Our company prides itself on the use of natural solutions and products, for a sustainable construction that is always environmentally friendly. In this way, we contribute to reducing energy and water consumption, as well as increasing the well-being of people.

Building projects in step with the times

The construction sector is undergoing an incessant and increasingly rapid technological evolution, which is why we are constantly updating ourselves in search of those materials, products and technologies that best meet the performance requirements of the final product, be it a home, an office or a commercial space.

We use real organic materials

We use natural materials, such as hemp, wood, clay and lime, that ensure good thermal insulation to make the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing the need for other sources of heat or cooling. These materials do not cause damage to health, nor do they require high energy consumption for their production.

House Natural gallery
House Natural gallery
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What House Natural does:

  • Construction of civil buildings;
  • Construction of industrial buildings;
  • Restructuring and Restoration;
  • Seismic Consolidation and Adjustment Operations;
  • Energy Redevelopment projects;
  • Urbanisation works;
  • Lot division;
  • Public green areas;
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High degree of project customisation

Our technicians, right from the word go, verify the customer's needs and preferences and work out suitable solutions on this basis for each of them. The company's flexibility enables it to carry out any type of project, as necessary.

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Experience and speed on construction sites

Our surveyors, bring their experience to bear in managing construction sites and coordinating activities, with a view to keeping work progressing steadily, taking the utmost care to satisfy customer requests. Our highly-experienced workers and craftsmen provide the highest quality of workmanship in the execution of their tasks.

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We have worked passionately to complete more than 70 projects, which include renovations, new constructions and restoration of historic buildings. Will your project be next?

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1) Initial contact

The first contact is with one of our technicians who inspects the property (if already present) to assess its condition, takes notes your ideas on the renovation, identifies your needs; the project is drawn up on the basis of what was discussed during the inspection.

2) Preparation of the estimate

On the basis of the approved project, an estimate is prepared giving clear details both of the works to be carried out and of the costs involved, with full transparency and professionalism.

3) Execution of the works

This is the most delicate phase, which is why we will be constantly available to clarify the various works involved, resolve doubts, receive or propose variations to the project.

4) Delivery of certifications

The last requirement consists in the delivery of all the certifications of conformity and the guarantees on the works and the equipment supplied.

House Impianti

House Impianti guarantees the installation of state-of-the-art systems from renewable energy sources, thus reducing consumption and increasing efficiency.

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Technical and administrative services

We take care of every phase: clients can entrust our technicians and administrative staff with managing all necessary procedures and finding the most suitable building bonuses for their chosen project.

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